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Being in an Autistic Space

My time at Autscape 2022

Living in a neurotypical dominant world is a very complicated experience for Autistic people. Unfortunately it is one which also inflicts a great deal of trauma on us. The world is filled with unspoken rules that we are apparently missing the book of. There are social norms that aren’t compatible with our different neurotypes. I […]

by scottwn13th Aug 2022

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An Autistic Shutdown

Earlier this year I was part of a team to set up a celebration event for a charity that invited hundreds of guests. The venue featured family friendly activities at the outside area with space indoors to get drinks and breaks. Most of the morning was spent on us putting down signs to direct people […]

Autistic Joy

When people think of ‘autism’ or Autistic people, there’s one word that likely comes to mind: distress. We have been viewed as people who have a ‘disorder’ or ‘deficits’ in communication and interactions, per the outdated claims of the diagnostic criteria. Many clinicians will only diagnose Autistic people who are displaying or experiencing some kind […]


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