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Scott Neilson (he/him)

I am an Autistic trainer, speaker and consultant in Scotland. I am dedicated to making people more understanding and accepting of Autistic people and our culture. One of my passions is to help Autistic people discover themselves and thrive in their lives through embodying their authentic Autistic expression.

I am open to requests for training, talks or consultancy and you can leave a message on the contact page if you are interested in this or would like to collaborate with me. 😊

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Being in an Autistic Space

My time at Autscape 2022

Living in a neurotypical dominant world is a very complicated experience for Autistic people. Unfortunately it is one which also inflicts a great deal of trauma on us. The world is filled with unspoken rules that we are apparently missing the book of. There are social norms that aren’t compatible with our different neurotypes. I […]

by scottwn13th Aug 2022

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An Autistic Culture Shift

Below is a transcript of a speech I gave at a recent charity event. For context, the project being referred to in this talk is an Autistic-led training programme I developed alongside two other Autistic people. It was where I was offered my first opportunity to become an Autistic trainer and speaker, something which has […]

Heartbreak High: Finally Great Autistic Representation!

A review of the Autistic character Quinni in the Netflix show, Heartbreak High. Representation of Autistic people has been very poor in the media. There are shows like the lead in The Good Doctor, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory (not confirmed by the creators but who demonstrates stereotypes) Atypical (Netflix show) and of course […]

We need Autistic Discovery, not ‘Diagnosis’

One of the biggest problems with the medicalised view that society has always had of Autistic people is the distorted idea of ‘diagnosis’. I did not receive my ‘diagnosis’ until I was 16, which is far earlier than many people end up with, although it is still not ideal as I went through the near […]


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