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Scott Neilson (he/him)

Hello! I am an Autistic trainer, mentor and consultant based in Lanarkshire, Scotland. I am dedicated to informing people of Autistic experience and our culture. My mission is to create a world that values Autistic people, protects our human rights and allows us to embody our authentic Autistic expression. You can read more about my services here.

I am open to requests for training, mentoring or consultancy and you can leave a message on the contact page if you are interested in this or would like to collaborate with me. 😊


Below is some feedback from people who have worked with me.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the training! Really wish Scott had been around to do this training 10 years ago as I truly believe my own son would have had a far better start in life had I the understanding I do now. The value in hearing an autistic adult talk about autism is so much more beneficial. I cannot say enough how highly I’d rate Scott’s training and look forward to more!”

Frances Collins

School teacher and parent in North Lanarkshire

“I’ve never met anyone like Scott before and you can tell it’s not just a job to him – he’s so passionate about what he does. He’s also taught me so much too about my little girl so I’m understanding her more. I honestly cannot recommend Scott enough if you feel you’re struggling and getting absolutely nowhere, then you will not regret getting in touch with him.”

Parent of an Autistic child

“Everyone needs a Scott in their lives! My husband and I are blown away by the incredible support Scott provides for our son and our family. Nothing is too much trouble for him, he goes above and beyond! Overall, my husband and I cannot recommend Scott enough! We as a family, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Parent of an Autistic child

“I highly recommend Scott to anyone looking for support. Scott is highly professional, reliable, and driven by Human Rights and ethics. He has the gift and ability to make children and adults feel safe, valued and respected in his presence, respecting peoples boundaries and needs.”

Leanne McNeill

Teaching Fellow in Autism at University of Strathclyde

“Scott and I connected as Autistic educators who wanted to cheerlead each other on with our individual projects. We decided to take that positive connection and start working together to provide workshops and other education events. Scott brings a wealth of information and expertise. There is also an ease of working and communicating together. I’m excited to see where our learning and collaboration takes us next.”

Laura Hellfeld

Neurodivergent Nurse Consulting

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Autistic Needs are Human Needs

ID: Beige background with the text ‘Autistic needs are human needs.’ in the middle of the image. ‘@AutisticallyScott’ is displayed at the bottom centre of the image. Autistic needs are human needs. The term ‘special needs’ is still used to define and categorise the needs of Neurodivergent and otherwise disabled people. It is rife with…

‘Autistic’ is Not Synonymous with ‘Distress’

‘Autistic’ is not synonymous with ‘distress’. Being Autistic does not cause meltdowns, anxiety, or trauma. Usually we are described by how we are “affected by autism” but what we are actually being affected by is the environments we are in and the lack of support we receive. Meltdowns can occur in environments not designed for…

We are Autistic

Our language informs our perspectives and beliefs of ourselves & other people. With Autistic & otherwise Neurodivergent people, we have long been described through deeply dehumanising language. We are still stuck with the term “Autism Spectrum Disorder” being used by professionals, as though we are sick or ill. In reality, the word “disorder” is just…

Build Boundaries, not Resilience

There’s a common saying by professionals that children need to “build resilience” in order to cope in the world. When there appears to be progress for an Autistic child in school after receiving access to supports and adjustments, the mindset of professionals is to begin removing these supports to ‘increase independence’. Fading these supports only…


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