About Me

Scott Neilson (he/him)

Hello! I am an Autistic trainer, speaker and consultant in Scotland. I am dedicated to informing people of Autistic experience and our culture. One of my passions is to help Autistic people discover themselves and embody their authentic Autistic expression.

With my training I aim to educate various sectors such as education, businesses, health services and encourage them to implement Neuro-affirming approaches that nurture Autistic identity. I have over 25 years of personal experience as an Autistic person, in addition to over 5 years of professional experience supporting Autistic people and their families at various settings and organisations. I now do this under Autistically Scott.

My Autistic training is designed on the following principles:

  • Promotes updated research, including Autistic-led research and theories.
  • To help Autistic people thrive as themselves without changing them into non-autistic people.
  • Is informed by the ways trauma can express for Autistic people and how to support us through this.
  • Provides an insight into Autistic experiences, featuring my own personal insight, as well as that of the wider Autistic community.

My consultancy service includes the following:

  • Working with public sectors to create more accessible environments.
  • Being an advocate for Autistic people and families at meetings.
  • Writing support letters for Autistic people and/or families.
  • Supporting Autistic people to understand their own experiences and cultivate the supports that will allow them to thrive as their Autistic selves.

My goals are also to collaborate with both Autistic and non-autistic professionals. For the longest time, there has been a severe lack of Autistic people involved with the services and policy making that effects our lives, which has led to even the most well-intentioned professionals making decisions based on assumptions or outdated ideas. These often do not include insight from Autistic people’s own views and true experiences.

The lived experiences of the Autistic community is full of so much intrinsic value, insight and knowledge that most non-autistic professionals have lacked throughout their careers. By working towards interdependence between both groups, we can co-exist as Autistic & non-autistic professionals, recognising that we are equal.

I am open to requests for training, talks or consultancy and you can leave a message on the contact page if you are interested in this. If you would like to collaborate on something (whether you are Autistic or not), I am open to this as well. 😊