My Services


The training I deliver ranges from 1 to 2.5 hours. I offer sessions on a variety of topics such as Nurturing Autistic Identity, Trauma, Anxiety, Passionate Interests, Empathy, Autistic Burnout and Autistic Communication.

I can offer a light information session that covers Autistic experiences (communication, play, sensory needs, PDA) within 1-1.5 hours.

One of my main sessions is titled ‘Understanding Autistic Experience’ and runs for 2.5 hours. This can be an introduction session for those without much knowledge and are wanting to gain a deeper insight into the ways Autistic people experience the world and how to support us. It can also be a refresher course for those who already have a good amount of knowledge. My sessions can be delivered online or in-person.

I often refer to my training as ‘Autistic Training’ as it’s being created and delivered by an Autistic person, uses updated research and focuses on the experiences of the Autistic community. Whereas ‘Autism Training’ would usually refer to sessions delivered by non-autistic people that may be based on outdated research and lack the deeper insight that Autistic people have.

My Autistic training is designed on the following principles:

  • Referencing updated research, including Autistic-led research and theories.
  • Exploring how we can help Autistic people thrive as themselves without changing them into non-autistic people.
  • Is informed by the ways trauma can express for Autistic people and how to support us through this.
  • Offering support tips for Autistic people, including areas such as adapting environments, self-advocacy skills, sensory needs and reducing anxiety.
  • Sharing insight into Autistic experiences, featuring my own personal insight, as well as that of the wider Autistic community.
  • To promote people in the community who are further marginalised such as black and ethnic minority groups, Autistics who are part of the LGBTQ+ community and nonspeakers.

Feedback from my Training:

“Thank you Scott. This was a lovely training session which was very beneficial, it allowed me to critique my practice as a practitioner and reflect on what I could change for individual children to support them. The session was delivered well and very communication friendly.”

Teacher in North Lanarkshire

“I thought Scott was very articulate and knowledgeable, he understood that we have limitations with regards to resources and time and was empathetic to this whilst advocating for the young people we support. Very engaging session and I enjoyed the humour and the practical parts of the session.

School Teacher

“This is the best training session I have been on. Having an autistic speaker gave a valuable and inarguable insight. Thank you so much Scott! It really was a very memorable session today! Well done! Please don’t ever doubt the difference you have made!”

School Teacher


I offer mentoring to Autistic children and adults. This is led by the person and focuses on a collaboration between us on areas they may need help with.

My mentoring with Autistic people can involve:

  • Helping Autistic people to understand their own experiences i.e.. communication, sensory needs, meltdowns, stimming.
  • Collaborating with the Autistic person and/or family to ensure the best outcomes for the individual.
  • Seeking to understand the person, validating their experiences and any difficulties they are having, such as with education and their mental health.
  • Guiding Autistic people to cultivate the supports they need in their life.
  • Supporting the person to develop self-advocacy skills where necessary, such as at home, within education, employment or in their community.
  • Being led by the person and helping them to nurture their Autistic identity.

Feedback on my mentoring:

“Our son confides in Scott and his reading came on massively during their gaming sessions. Our son doesn’t regard Scott as a support person or personal assistant; for our son Scott has more of a mentor vibe to him and the feeling of being a true friend.”

Parent of an Autistic child

“I cannot recommend Scott enough, he went above and beyond to help us. He’s built a FANTASTIC bond with my little girl and she trusts him a million percent which then results in her opening up to him and expressing her thoughts, fears, worries etc. so it gives us something to build on whereas she wouldn’t open up before so I didn’t really know what was going on. He’s mentoring my little girl once a week and I can see a big difference in her already”

Parent of an Autistic child


I also offer consultancy to Autistic people and families, as well as to organisations who are seeking support and information.

My consultancy service includes the following:

  • Working with public sectors to create more accessible environments.
  • Providing Autistic people and families with information and guidance.
  • Attending meetings with Autistic people and families (school, employment or other agency meetings).
  • Signposting people to reliable agencies or organisations for situations that I can’t offer any support with (therapy, legal issues, medication)
  • Writing support letters and emails for Autistic people and/or families.
  • Making home visits to support Autistic people and families.

Feedback of my consultancy:

Scott closely collaborates with my husband and I to ensure the best outcomes for our son. The PDA language he has equipped us with has been a massive tool in communicating and building stronger bonds with our son. Scott has attended several multi agency meetings with us to help advocate for our son and will continue to do so.”

Parent of an Autistic Child

“Scott was like a breath of fresh air when we met. I felt alone and defeated by the people who were supposed to be helping us. As a family we were broken and Scott actually took time to sit and listen to us and saw how lost we were and assured us he would do everything he could to help us. He helped me with emails, support letters, attended school meetings, listened and gave me advice and guidance.”

Parent of an Autistic Child

Note: I am not a mental health professional or healthcare professional and can not offer therapy or advice on medication.

I am open to requests for training, mentoring or consultancy and you can leave a message on the contact page if you are interested in this. If you would like to collaborate on something together then I am open to this as well. 😊